Friday, 1 April 2011

Two poems.

Moon Between

Photo Courtesy : Sohini Basak
Far away from you
it feels good
to know
that tonight
we face
the same side of the moon.

Far from me
you say that
cannot see
this moon
I see
you lie.

Too many cities divide us.
Too many missed calls,
red skies, traffic signals
and solitary windows
lie in between.
That’s why you cannot see
the moon.

You say you cannot
see it because its
too close.
Like words on
a page held
too close
to your face.

-Sohini Basak

She with the Jalebi lights

Photo Courtesy : Sohini Basak
And the evening sky,
It's indigo blue,
With a fading pearl white
And its gentle girdle of light
Reminds me of you
And I think of calling
To tell you to take a picture...

A night so simple... knows
We will come to ache for it
In the years to come.

-Urvashi Bahuguna

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